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Online Sports Betting Tips

Sports betting is one of the oldest industries in the world. Did you know that the first record of sports betting dates back to more than 2000 years ago? The practice involves predicting sports events and placing a wager on the outcome. Sports wagers can either place bets through legal bookmarkers/sportsbooks or privately-run enterprises. The […]

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Best Soccer Betting Strategies 2019/2020

Recently the global football leagues embarked from the 2019 summer break. With a lot of expectations, every team is striving to shine in the ongoing 2019/20 season. The betting industry is experiencing some significant changes as the wagers are becoming more informed on betting matters. Every punter is searching for the best betting strategies to […]

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Lionel Messi Best FIFA Men's Winner 2019

The Best FIFA Football Awards 2019

The long-awaited FIFA’s Best football ceremony of 2019 went live at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy. Lionel Messi won the Best FIFA Men’s award. He got 46 points, beating his close rivals Virgil van Dijk and Christiano Ronaldo. The two were among the 10 shortlisted who got 38 and 36 points respectively. The Best FIFA […]

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Europa League Cup

Europa League Season 2019/20

A day after the big announcements of UEFA Champions League awards, Europa events took the stage. The Europa League Draw 2019/20 was released. It features a total of 48 teams under 12 groups. The event was marked with anticipations as Eden Hazard scooped the player of the Season 2018/19 best player award. Eden contested against […]

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Uefa Men winners 2018/19

UEFA Champions League Season 2019/20

Virgil van Dijk became the first defender to be crowned the UEFA men’s player, season 2018/19. Dijk is a Dutchman who is currently playing for Liverpool FC in England. He had an outstanding performance last season in both UEFA Champions League and English Premier League competitions. Dijk is one of the best defenders the world […]

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Christiano Ronaldo

The Return of Serie A 2019-20

The Italian Serie A kicks off this weekend with Parma hosting Juventus at Stadio Ennio Tardini. From the recent top signings, Maurizio Sarri’s squad expects remarkable results in the next season. Matthijs de Ligt who plays a defensive role is one of the inspirational players everyone is watching this season. De Ligt successfully shifted his […]

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Soccer Betting

What you need to know about soccer betting? Soccer or football betting involves predicting the outcome of a match. Typically, the bettor foretells the possible result of a game and places a wager (bet) on the outcome. An odd is a common term used in sports betting. It expresses the ratio between the amounts staked […]

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The History of Football (Association Football)

Also known as Association Football or Soccer, the history of football dates back to more than 2000 years ago. In the United States and Canada, it is popularly known as Soccer. Soccer distinguishes the game from American Football. According to the sources, the first known ball game took place in China. The Chinese called it […]

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