What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a strategy that bookmarkers use to give one outcome advantage over the other. The bookies will assign a virtual advantage to a weaker team and a virtual disadvantage to the stronger one. The mission is to even out a level field for the two teams that are not evenly matched.

Assuming Team A, a weaker one meets Team B that is much stronger; obviously, Team B will win this match. That sounds boring to bet on, but it can be interesting if A receives a virtual advantage over B. That way, the game becomes more difficult to predict. That is the essence of handicap betting.

How does handicap betting work in football?

Example 1: Leeds United (1.0) Vs. Manchester United (-1.0)

The above suggests that Leeds United will start the match with a goal advantage of 1.0 over Chelsea. If you bet on Manchester United to win the match, they will need at least 2 goals for you to win the wager.

Example 2: France (2) Vs. Germany (-2)

The bet will attract a win if we bet on France to win and they lose by 1 goal difference. If we place the stake on Germany, then they must win against France by a margin of 3 goals.

What are the types of handicap betting?

1. Asian Handicaps

The gambler is allowed to get the stake back in Asian Handicaps and they feature decimals. The bookmarker makes the draws null and void which reduces the matches to two possible outcomes, either a win or lose. A team can start with 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and so on.

Betting on Asian Handicaps

2. European Handicaps

The handicaps are listed in whole numbers

3. Handicap League Betting

This type of handicap betting is quite popular. League betting involves handicapping on a team’s performance for the entire season or across the course of a season.

4. Handicap Match Betting

The betting strategy necessitates you to place a handicap to a preferred selection to calculate the outcome at the end of the match.

A common challenge that confuses bettors is the appearance of a positive notation (+) on certain aspects of bet. The same way handicaps are presented is the similar manner a winning challenge can appear.

What do odds of +200 mean?

In football betting, +200 means that if you bet $100 and the prediction is correct, then you attract $200. So pals, keep in mind the difference. For more news on betting, gambling, and daily football predictions, you can always find them on our official betting tips site. Kindly join the leading betting tips hub today, Stekbet.com.

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