What You Need to Know About Football Betting

Football or soccer betting involves predicting the outcome of a match. Typically, the bettor foretells the possible result of a game and places a wager (bet) on the outcome.

An odd is a common term used in sports betting. It expresses the ratio between the amounts staked based on the expected probability which may be either way.

Odds can be expressed as decimals or fractions. Example, Manchester United has an odd of 2.45 to win against Real Madrid of 3.78.

Betting Sites and Betting Tips Sources

Bettors (punters) as popularly known, place bets through the online sports betting sites. These sites are managed by Bookmakers. Some of the most popular bookmarkers (bookies) are

In the gambling industry, it is important to understand the difference between a Bookie and a Tipster.

Tipsters are knowledgeable bettors who have mastered the betting markets. They are highly-skilled experts who provide information on the possible results of sporting events. Additionally, tipsters make informed and intelligent decisions on football outcomes.

Stekbet is an example of a regularly updated tipsters site. They provide daily, accurate football betting picks across the global leagues and tournaments.

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Is football betting profitable?

Well, like any other business, gambling can attract fortune or lead to loses. Luck also plays a big role in betting. There are millions of bettors surviving with the bet worldwide.

Soccer betting is a hobby, it is easy to master and play. In a typical match, there are only two teams; either one team wins or the match ends with a draw.

The common betting markets are:


This implies, there are 3 possible outcomes. 1 means the home team will win the match. X symbolizes a draw, and 2 favor the away Team.

Double Chance One or Two (DC12)

The bettor backs two teams; either of the teams will win.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

Predicts both teams to produce at least a goal. Other bookies use GG to abbreviate Goal Goal.

Both Teams Not To Score (BTTS-NO)

Used when the outcome of the match is expected to be 0-0 (nil) or only one team to score. It is also abbreviated as NG (No Goal).

Correct Score (CS)

It is the most difficult outcome to predict. It foretells the exact scores at the end of the match.

Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT)

Predicts the results at the first half and the end of the match.

Under/Over (UN/OV)

Predicts whether the total goals scored will be less or exceed a specific number of goals. OV25 means the match outcome accumulates to 3 or more goals, whereas, UN25 predicts the outcome of the game to be less than 3 goals.

Use UN25 when the total goals produced by both teams are below 3 goals.


The bettor decides whether the total goals scored in the match will be either odd or even.

Head to Head

In such stakes, the gambler places a bet against the competitors and not the overall results.

Ok, with the above insights, let us try a bet. Effectively, it is highly recommended to research before placing a bet. Never bet on your favorite team, strengths may differ. I love Manchester United, but I cannot favor Man United in all my bets.

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A little research will keep you safe from perennial loses. If you are stranded, seek betting advice from a skilled tipster. Remember to play responsibly and read BeGambleAware. Most importantly, do not be that daddy who stakes the cash for buying the baby’s milk!

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