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1X2 betting odds are some of the most popular in sports gambling. This concept may sound simple, but it is imperative to look before you leap. Always be keen before you stake anything. Only a blind punter will be quick to place a bet on 1, the reason being a home team!

What is 1X2 Betting?

It involves betting on one of the three outcomes that are likely to result from a football match.

1 represents the home team, X stands for a draw, and 2 suggests placing a bet on the visiting team.

Consider an English Premier League match involving Leeds United and Arsenal. Leeds hosting Arsenal, then the featured 1X2 odds can appear as 3.03 – 2.01 – 1.95

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1X2 football prediction odds

Most of the punters will rush for 1. Yes, that’s pretty obvious! Firstly, the odds are big, and to add on that, some betting fanatics are ever obsessed with home teams. They always cite issues to do with home advantage. Did you know that bookies like gullible gamblers? Do not be one of them!

How to maximize your chances of winning a 1×2 betting contest?

Before placing a bet, it is vital to understand certain factors affecting a match. The chances are, Arsenal is a much stronger team than Leeds United. What is their current rank in the Premier League table? Will the match feature some of the best players, and how fit are the teams? Which team sounds fit according to your research?

When you gather all the answers right, it is time to make the best decision by placing the most appropriate bet. In some scenarios, the two teams may tend to have similar strengths. In such cases, one may opt to dare an X. Yes, a draw is likely to occur!

Gambling is a game of risk, and many times a draw can be the winning card. Do not shy away from playing with X.

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Beat the Bookies with the Mighty Tips

Bookies are smart guys who assign small odds to home teams, especially when they have good chances of beating their visitors. Sadly, most punters get lured by big odds and end up as failures. For instance, if Bayern (a home team) is likely to beat Borrusia Dortmund (the visitors), the best 1X2 football prediction tip will be 1.

My Parting Shot about Betting on 1X2

Kindly note that 1X2 betting odds keep changing against time on the betting sites. The odds you saw on the bookie when you woke up in the morning may not be the same odds in the evening. Remember to do research before placing bets, and bet responsibly!

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