Fixed Odds and Fixed Matches

Many gamblers cannot distinguish fixed odds from fixed matches. I receive lots of questions regarding this topic, and today I will explain the two scenarios in sports betting. Hopefully, you are not one of them. Anyway, that is why this betting tips platform is here; to educate a gambler and give insights on ‘Betting Matters.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

Fixed odds are offered by bookmarkers at fixed prices. Regardless of the outcome, your potential profit from a stake is fixed. Fixed odds are a bare ‘win’ or ‘lose’ matter. In fact, you can tell how much you will gain or lose from a bet once you place a wager.

Spread betting is different from fixed odds, such that the amount you win or lose depends on how accurate you are. The keener you are, the more winnings you attract! Read more on football betting tips today!

How do fixed-odds work?

First, fixed odds appear as fractions. Let’s say the Sportsbook offers fixed odds of 3/1; that means if you stake $100 you will have a sum of $300 if you win. That means the profit is $200, and you get back your original stake. If you lose the bet, everything is gone!

Fixed Matches

On the other hand, fixed matches involve a complete or partial pre-determination of the match’s outcome. Match-fixing violates the rules of the game and often the law. It is a cunning practice that match-fixers use to exploit the efforts of a punter. This mischief results in gaining payoffs from the gamblers.

Do fixed matches exist?

Match-fixing does exist, but it is a very secretive matter. In most cases, it involves the coaches and the players. Ultimately, you can unmask a fixed match at ease. Yes, it is pretty simple to detect a fixed match!

Some countries are notorious for match-fixing. One of the easiest methods to identify a fixed match is by hearing what the players say. If a weak team beats a powerful one suspiciously, the results can also raise eyebrows.  

Parting Shot on Fixed Odds and Fixed Matches

I hope if someone asks you today to draw the difference between fixed odds and fixed matches, you shall be able to answer. Read our betting blogs for more insights on football betting. Grab today’s top soccer betting tips on!

Remember to bet safely and responsibly. We don’t want a daddy who cries when the baby cries because he bet everything; that includes the cash for the baby’s milk!


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Professional football and sports betting expert.

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